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Post Construction Window Washing

Post Construction Window Cleaning Cape Cod

Post Construction Window Cleaning CAPE COD.

Top Notch Window Cleaning has decades of experience with post-construction window cleaning, and are true experts at this specialized service. We offer Cape Cod winow cleaning after your construction project so your new space is visually beautiful. The process is very different from routine window cleaning.

There is an ever-present danger of scratching your windows, and the issues of dealing with excess dust and other materials. With our skilled Hyannis window cleaning specialists, you can rest assured that the job will be done right.


You want a company that has years of experience. Other Cape Cod window cleaning companies cannot compete - you have found the right window cleaning company for your job. 

Glass Surface Protection During Construction 


During all phases of construction, we highly recommend following the guidance of the Glass Informational Bulletins provided by the National Glass Association (NGA) and the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA). Here are links to those bulletins.


Construction Site Protection and Cleaning of Architectural Glass FB03-03 (2018)


Proper Procedures For Cleaning Architectural Glass Products  FB01-00 (2016)


Top Notch Window Cleaning can provide expert advice on effective ways to protect the glass surface and minimize or eliminate glass surface scratches.

Routine Window Cleaning of Protected Glass


When glass surfaces are properly protected during all phases of the construction process then glass can usually be cleaned using routine window cleaning methods. After removing the protection a simple soap & water cleaning will be effective.


However, sometimes the glass has not been properly protected. What then?

Post Construction Window Cleaning of Unprotected Glass

When glass has not been protected during construction, various materials such as paint, varnish, silicone, concrete, stucco, mortar, tar, adhesives and other tenacious construction materials may adhere to the glass. The dust created when workers cut and sand the wood framework for a new home or commercial building, as well as from the sanding of drywall in preparation for paint can be hazardous to glass because of being more abrasive than standard household dust. These conditions may require specialized cleaning techniques and Top Notch Window Cleaning are experts in this service.


Cape Cod Post Construction Window Cleaning Involve The Following:

Removing tape, stickers, glue, silicone, paint overspray, drywall mud, wallpaper adhesive, mortar, brick sealer or any other construction-related material from a new window and much more.

This will likely not be the builder’s last project. A skilled window cleaning company, like Top Notch Window Cleaning, will motivate builders to be very loyal to those who help them complete their projects with superior results, on time, and on budget.

We have earned the trust of many builders and homeowners in Cape Cod, Boston, and the surrounding counties. For post-construction window cleaning, you can always count on Top Notch Window Cleaning to provide a professional service with quality results. We treat your property with respect, and our excellent customer service sets us apart from the rest.


That is why Top Notch Window Cleaning is the company you want to call. We are skilled, knowledgeable, reliable and dependable. Our Mashpee window cleaning service is just the beginning - we cover all of Cape Cod and deliver excellent Hyannis window cleaning along with other services and locations.

We transform very dirty construction-site windows into showroom-ready pieces of transparent art while preserving the integrity of the glass surface.


Specialized techniques to prevent scratched glass 


First, we pre-clean the glass and adjacent areas with dust brush and high-powered vacuums that remove as much construction debris as possible from glass and adjacent surfaces.


Next, we use detergents and surfactants that lubricate the glass and gently remove any debris before a final rinse, squeegee, and final detail. Our detergents are concentrated commercial grade and designed to loosen dirt and hold it in suspension so that it can be removed before it re-deposits on the glass surfaces.


If the glass was left unprotected during construction, more aggressive cleaning techniques may be required such as the use of solvents, non-abrasive scrub pads and wools, degreasers, and other specialized techniques. We will choose the least invasive but most effective method to clean and restore your glass surface.

Top Notch Window Cleaning can provide expert advice on effective ways to protect the glass surface and minimize or eliminate glass surface scratches. Our experience allows us to provide the best advice for protecting glass and cleaning windows in Massachusetts.


Give Top Notch Window Cleaning a call today for the most professional and experienced Cape Cod window cleaning company in the area. 

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