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There are many benefits of hiring professional cleaners who are experts in commercial window washing services. Our team uses the latest anti-bacterial solution, advanced window cleaning products, and techniques to clean and serve the needs of residential and commercial building windows to look best.


From Cape Cod and the surrounding areas such as Falmouth, Hyannis, Chatham, Brewster, Barnstable, Orleans and the rest of Cape Cod showrooms, skylights to storefronts, offices to multiplexes, single-family homes to mansions we serve and do it all.


By hiring professionals you not only ensure professional work and long-lasting results, but it also helps you to keep your reputation high. It’s important to present your business in a clean way, so why not hire the professionals?

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We are here to answer all of your questions. It is important that your Cape Cod and the surrounding areas such as Falmouth, Hyannis, Chatham, Brewster, Barnstable, Orleans and the rest of Cape Cod property have the best window cleaning possible. This is why we make sure all of your questions are answered promptly. 


Top-Notch's pricing is efficient and cost-effective, guaranteed to meet your needs and budget. Let Top-Notch Window Cleaning Inc. tackle one of your most cumbersome chores for your home or business. It's effortless; call us now to get a free estimate for our window cleaning service.


Here we offer information about:

-Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass

-Construction Site Protection

-Systematic Cleaning of Architectural Glass

Window Cleaing With A Pole

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Frequently asked questions

Can We Prevent Future Streaking?

Yes! If you want to get streak-free windows, then the only solution is to hire the professionals who know what kind of material need to pick up for getting best results. We understand how untidy it looks when someone finds streaks on your commercial or residential windows. We make sure to only use those cleaning products that don’t leave streaks on windows.

Do We Offer Long Lasting Results?

Yes! You can find a difference between the work done by non-professionals and by professionals. Most of the time the owners get their windows clean by a cheap window cleaning solution which results in fewer hours of shine. However, the benefit of hiring professionals is that they use only solutions and tools which promise to provide long-lasting results. We are the most reliable window cleaning company on Cape Cod.

Does Regular Window Cleaning Prevent Future Damage?

Yes! It’s necessary to keep your commercial windows neat and clean to prevent permanent damage. One of the main reason to hire the professionals is that it helps your windows keep clean and safe from dirt and mold formation which can result due to less air movement.

Can We Save You Money?

Yes! It’s not easy to get time to clean your commercial or residential windows. That is why hiring can save money. We use excellent products to make results last long.

Are There Any Factors That Can Affect The Window Cleaing Schedule?

There are some of the factors that greatly affect a commercial window cleaning schedule.
Location: Location matters a lot. If you are living in any high traffic area where the streets are busy 24/7, chances are that your building would get dirtier than any other less trafficked locations.
Landscaping: Landscaping plays an important role in the dirt and pollution that ends up on your windows. If your building is near the parking lot or if there are a lot of trees, chances are that you need to invest a little bit more window cleaning.
Weather: Surely, if you live in an area where it gets a lot of rain, chances are that your windows will get more debris and streaks.