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Solar Panel Washing Top Notch Cape Cod

Commercial solar panel cleaning

If you have solar panels on your Cape Cod business, you naturally want to keep them working efficiently! The amount of electricity your solar panels produce is your return on investment for those solar panels, so it is in your best interest to make sure they produce as much electricity as possible. Let Top Notch take care of all your commercial solar cleaning needs and find out why we are Cape Cod's number one solar cleaning professional service!

Residential solar panel cleaning

Solar panels can help you save a ton of money on your electric bills on Cape Cod. But not if they’re dirty and grimy! Your solar panels only produce electricity where the sun hits them. If they have a layer of dirt on them, the sun is not able to get through unobstructed. Less sunlight hits the photovoltaic panels, and you, therefore, get less electricity.

Solar panel maintenance on Cape Cod and the surrounding areas such as Falmouth, Hyannis, Chatham, Brewster, Barnstable, Orleans and the rest of the Cape Cod area is extremely important, and often a surprise to many homeowners after they have been installed and cleaned by Top Notch Window Cleaning. You must keep your solar panels clean or they will not produce maximum energy efficiency. Solar Panels decrease in efficiency .5% every year for 25 years, but today’s panels can last 35+ years many experts speculate if they are cleaned regularly.

Cape Cod is one of the most pollinated tree areas in the country. 


Solar panels that are properly mounted allow for water to run off and not pool in the corners, and unfortunately, not all installations feature perfect alignment allowing dirt to collect more than when they are installed at the correct angle.


Even though the amount of dirt may seem minor, any obstruction has an impact and multiplied by 20+ panels over 25 years can result in a significant loss if no solar cleaning has been done.

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Cape Cod Solar Panel Cleaning

The base of your solar panel frame and mount also needs solar cleaning, being outside for the next 25 years makes the surface material susceptible to water, rust, and mold which can occur when dirt and water mix in small crevices.


Hopefully, your Cape Cod and the surrounding areas such as Falmouth, Hyannis, Chatham, Brewster, Barnstable, Orleans and the rest of the Cape Cod area solar panels are mounted with enough space in between the roof and the frame for air to circulate and dirt to run off. A solar panel cleaning solution in Cape Cod is Top Notch Window Cleaning and we will keep your system running cooler and last longer.

Solar is an investment that is calculated by most on a 25-year curve. Dirty panels not only jeopardize the future of your panels but your present investment. If panels don’t produce their maximum energy output, you are paying the difference to the utility and you are losing money.

Cleaning Cape Cod solar panels is a responsibility that should not be overlooked; some warranties even require this “maintenance” or the warranty may be invalid. Solar is a great investment, but keeping the panels clean is absolutely vital!

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